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Following the format of the “Aspiring VCDX Study Guide Link-O-Rama” by Derek Seaman, I have created the same for VMware NSX.  If I have missed any other resources, reach out to me on Twitter and I will add them.  This page will continue to evolve over time and new content will be marked as “NEW!”.

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Working with NSX Series by Chris Wahl

Learning NVP/NSX Series by Scott Lowe

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Personal Blogs (Non-Technical)

The Next Elite Architecture Certification

The current Elite Architecture Design Certifications are: VMware Certified Design eXpert (VCDX) and Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr).

At VMworld 2014 US, there was a lot of speculation about the integrity and future of the VCDX program with Mark Brunstad and John Arrasjid moving to greener pastures.  With Chris Colotti taking over as Principal Architect and VCDX Evangelist, I think the VCDX Program is in good hands.  This will be further reinforced once the new VCDX Program Manager is announced.

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VCDX – Supporting Documentation

Once you have finished your design documents, you then have to prepare the supporting documentation.  The length of this task is very often underestimated by aspiring candidates, who either rush the job to make the submission and possibly have their application rejected due to incompleteness or miss their submission date.

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VCDX – Design Scenario Strategy

vcdx133 D-day has arrived, you have just completed the 75 minute session presenting and defending your design.  You have left the room for the 10 minute break and now you have returned for the 30 minute “Design Scenario”.  How should you tackle this task?  What should be your strategy? Continue reading