Stale Local VMUG?

The current leader of my local VMUG really needs to step down.  I thank him for his service, but the time has come for some new blood.  His idea of a successful VMUG is bring in the sponsor, let them speak for 2 hours, have VMware provide an hour of product updates, eat dinner – WINNER!  In addition, he is not willing to contact vendors to get sponsorship, he relies upon one of the local VMware employees to do that for him, which results in only one meeting per year.  Not cool at all.

I have just been added as a local VMUG co-leader and I have tried to improve the event by adding some ideas that I collected from my brother VMUG leaders at VMworld last week: “10 minute Lightning Talks”, “Ask the Experts” Dinner, “VMworld” Swag raffles and “Big name” WebEx/In-Person presentations.  In addition I have already started discussions for securing sponsorship for the next 3 events, so that we can have 4 events per year.

The intention is to provide a forum for virtualisation practitioners to be part of a vCommunity where we can exchange ideas and help each other in our day jobs and career development.  Not going so well.  I am currently changing jobs and I really do not have the time to manage difficult personalities.  Which is a shame, because I know we could really develop and grow our local VMUG into something to be proud of.  Only time will tell if I remain involved.

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3 thoughts on “Stale Local VMUG?”

  1. Good luck mate. I’ve worked on things that, to me, are a sure fire winner. But then get heartbroken when the attendees think differently to me. That’s just the way it is.

    Prepare for some dizzying highs, and hopefully not too many lows.

  2. Am still working in Bahrain trying to get a job in KSA. The day I get one I will join VMUG!

  3. Just embarked on a new journey to KSA and about to start with my new employer next week, attended the Scottish\UK VMUG’s and will hopefully get to the Saudi ones, hopefully they are still going, once i get settled in happy to start and get involved. I have joined the Saudi VMUG Twitter group so will catch any updates on there. Cheers

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