vRealize Suite Link-O-Rama

vrealize-suite-combined-logoThe VMware vRealize Suite Link-O-Rama Resource Page

Following the format of the “Aspiring VCDX Study Guide Link-O-Rama” by Derek Seaman, I have created the same for the VMware vRealize Suite.  If I have missed any other resources, reach out to me on Twitter and I will add them.  This page will continue to evolve over time and new content will be marked as “NEW!”.

Since vCloud Director is well and truly alive, I have included it as well.

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VCDX – The 60m Multi-VCDX Defence

vcdx133 The 60 minute “remote defence” was added as a requirement for Multi-VCDX in early 2016. This was added to protect the integrity of the Multi-VCDX certification. This post is based upon my preparation and observations for the VCDX-CMA track I defended recently. Parts of this post could also be applied to VCDX candidates that are defending for the second time remotely.

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VCDX – Journey to Triple VCDX (with NPX)

vcdx133 This was a multi-stage journey I started in September 2012 with the VMware vSphere 5 ICM course and the subsequent VCP/VCAP exams for VCDX-DCV. Part of that expedition was to provide a roadmap to VCDX, which resulted in the VCDX Deep-Dive series. We all have opinions on what works and what does not; this chronicles what worked for me – if it adds value, use it, if not, ignore.

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Cut the Noise Podcast Episode 2

vcdx133 Yesterday, Episode 2 of the RoundTower “Cut the Noise” podcast was released.  This podcast can be streamed from iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play and Stitcher.

Show summary: Michael Webster, Manager – Business Critical Apps Team, and Josh Odgers, Staff Solution Architect, from Nutanix join Byron Schaller and myself from RoundTower to discuss all things Home Lab, Performance and Nutanix.

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