VCAP – Where is my 2019 Badge?

Are you VCAP certified and wondering where the 2019 badge for your VCAP track is and why your current VCAP version is listed as “Emeritus”? You have passed the latest VCAP exam (before 2019) and you verified there is no new VCAP exam in the exam catalog, surely they would

VCDX – Exam Techniques

Everyone who submits for VCDX must have the associated Professional and Advanced VMware exams for that track completed as part of the prerequisites for each VCDX track. This post covers the mind-set and techniques for taking exams of Associate, Professional and Advanced-level certifications in general.

Nutanix Platform Expert = VCDX squared?

Nutanix have announced their version of the VCDX, the Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX).  From reading the blueprint, it definitely takes Data Center architecture design to the next level. NPX Summary for the VCDX-aware: IMPRESSIVE! – No submission or examination fees Must prove mastery of two hypervisors (candidate choices: vSphere, KVM

End-to-End Network QoS for vSphere 5.1 with Cisco UCS and Nexus

This article builds upon the white papers and blogs that are available (listed below) and provides a VCDX-style guide to design decisions that need to be considered for End-to-End Network Quality of Service for vSphere 5.1 with the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Cisco Nexus switches.

VCDX Study Plan – Compute & vSphere

I was not going to bother with this final Study Plan post, since all VCDX candidates should know this as their first port of call, however I wanted to provide a complete set of “VCDX Study Plan” posts.

VCDX Study Plan – BC/DR

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery will be the weakest point for most VCDX candidates; I know it was for me, I flopped miserably during my first VCDX attempt.  So make it your strongest point, become a Disaster Recovery guru.

VCDX Study Plan – Storage

The essential VCDX study plan for storage.

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