Turbonomic openSUSE to CentOS Appliance Migration

You may have heard the news, the Turbonomic appliance platform has changed from openSUSE to CentOS. If you want to upgrade your appliance to version 6.0, then you must migrate to the new CentOS platform. You can stay on your openSUSE appliance, but you will hit the version ceiling of 5.9.1.

This post covers the process of migrating from the Turbonomic openSUSE appliance (version 5.9.1) to the Turbonomic CentOS appliance (version 5.9.0, upgraded to version 5.9.1). I also cover the final step of upgrading to Turbonomic 6.0 to get your hands on all of the great new features. Assuming you have a working knowledge of Linux administration, this will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

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Turbonomic 6.0 is live!

Turbonomic has announced the release of version 6.0 of their Automation Platform. The most exciting part for me, is the new HTML5 UI is now fully functional and you no longer need to use the Flash-based UI (the “Classic UI” will still be present in the near future for the purpose of user transitioning). There are also some very impressive features for Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud use-cases, particularly around cost-control of OpEx spending.

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Nutanix partners with IBM for non-x86 HCI

Nutanix has partnered with IBM to bring their Enterprise Cloud Platform software to the IBM Power System eco-system by supporting Acropolis and AHV on IBM OpenPOWER LC server hardware.

For those of you that wrestle with the transformation of non-x86 to x86 platforms, you will appreciate how this will simplify the consolidation process. In particular, this will allow you to simplify from an Application Transformation, Database or Guest OS migration to a Hypervisor/Hardware Migration. Which reduces risk, complexity, timeline and cost. The diagram below illustrates an example of non-x86 to x86 transformation.

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Turbonomic Technical Poster

Turbonomic and RoundTower Technologies are collaborating on a series of “Powered by Turbonomic” Reference Architecture and Best Practice Guide white papers.

Eric Wright and myself worked together on producing the Turbonomic Technical Poster. Click on the link to download. Any feedback or questions you may have are welcomed. You will also be able to collect your hardcopy from the Turbonomic boot at industry events such as VMworld.

Previously, we also collaborated on a Turbonomic Reference Architecture for VMware vSphere.