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VCDX Study Plan – Compute & vSphere

I was not going to bother with this final Study Plan post, since all VCDX candidates should know this as their first port of call, however I wanted to provide a complete set of “VCDX Study Plan” posts.

VCDX Study Plan – BC/DR

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery will be the weakest point for most VCDX candidates; I know it was for me, I flopped miserably during my first VCDX attempt.  So make it your strongest point, become a Disaster Recovery guru.

VCDX Study Plan – Storage

The essential VCDX study plan for storage.

VCDX Study Plan – Security

The essential VCDX study plan for security.

VCDX Study Plan – Networking

In a previous blog I talked about “T-skilling” being a major requirement for the VCDX.  Below are some of the things that you need to be knowledgeable about in the Networking stack.

VCDX – Recipe for Success

After two attempts, 12+ months and 1,000+ hours of effort, I finally achieved the VCDX5-DCV certification (#133) in Frimley 2014.  Thank you to all that supported me, particularly my wife and kids.

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