VMworld Session 7482 – How do I become an Elite Architect?

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Submission ID: 7482
Session Title: How do I become an Elite Architect?
Type: Breakout Session
Session Abstract: You want to become an Elite Architect, how do you make that a reality?
Submitting to Present at VMworld: Both

Session Outline:

  • Subject – How to develop your Architecture Design Skills whilst using Elite Certification to realise your goals.
  • Agenda –
    • The Enterprise and Service Provider Landscape
    • What skills and personality characteristics do you need to succeed?
    • The Journeyman: Changing Roles and Gaining Experience
    • Elite Certification and the Full-Stack Engineer
    • Fast-Track – The Mentor-Mentee Relationship
  • Body – The road to becoming an elite architect is a long one, as is the mastery of any skill. It is important to embrace the journeyman mindset where continuous learning during your entire career is the key to success; particularly for the technology industry which is ever changing. You have a burning desire to become an elite architect. How do you begin this journey to realise your goal? How long does it take? What do you need to do? How and where can you find help to get there?
  • Summary – Give yourself time to consume information and develop your skills. It should be fun. Set realistic goals.
  • Conclusion – Rome was not built in a day. It will take 5 to 10 years of continuous effort to get there. However your ultimate objective should be the “full stack engineer” with a functional understanding of the entire enterprise and service provider space. Technology is always changing and you should have a genuine enthusiasm and passion for learning for longevity and growth with a career in technology.
Key Takeaway 1:  Give yourself time to consume information and develop your skills.
Key Takeaway 2: It should be fun.
Key Takeaway 3: Set realistic goals.
Technical Level: Technical
Track: Software-Defined Data Center
Sub-track: Cloud Infrastructure
Product and Topic: vRealize Suite
Market Segment: Enterprise
Audience: IT – All, Technical Support
Session Participants: Rene Van Den Bedem & Gregg Robertson

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Chief Enterprise Architect and Strategist, 4xVCDX#133, NPX#8, DECM-EA.

2 thoughts on “VMworld Session 7482 – How do I become an Elite Architect?”

  1. That is a superb idea! I believe that even if this will not make it own session, it would be great to create an podcast/videocast discussing all that you have mentioned both of you want to describe.

    On the other hand I`m a little bit afraid of Full Stack Engineer acronym. Modern technologies are developing so fast and so robust that most people will have problems to keep with it up. How you cope with this? If its your full-time job (i mean, that you are working in R&D departmens or architects) i believe its easier. But what about operators and maintanance guys who would love to develop?


    1. Fair point. With a journeyman mentality you can apply this concept to Operator, Administrator and SME Design Roles. As you gain experience and broaden your skill-set to cover multiple technical silos, then the “Full Stack” skill-set evolves.

      One thing is for sure, if you have the drive and thirst for knowledge, the information is out there for you to consume and convert to wisdom.

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