Nutanix AOS 5.9 Released

Nutanix has released version 5.9 of their Acropolis Operating System (AOS).

This obviously also means that many of the supporting components of the Nutanix eco-system also have new releases to complement AOS, namely AHV & Prism Central. Please refer to the resources section at the end for links to downloads and release notes.

In a nutshell:

  • Increased resilience with Rack Awareness, you will now be able to tolerate rack failures for multi-rack clusters.
  • Increased resilience with NearSync enhancements: Async and NearSync to different clusters from the same Protection Domain is now supported, NearSync enabled Protection Domains now support application consistent snapshots & 3rd party solutions can now backup NearSync enabled Protection Domains.
  • Simpler security: Existing data can be encrypted non-disruptively as a background process and existing Self-Encrypting Drives can be converted to Software-based encryption. The KMS is now a native local Key Manager.
  • Micrsoft support: Nutanix Calm now supports deployments to Azure, this complements the existing supported endpoints of AHV, ESXi, GCP and AWS. Nutanix Metro Availability now supports Hyper-V, this complements the existing supported hypervisors of ESXi and AHV.


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