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VCDX – Journey to Triple VCDX (with NPX)

This was a multi-stage journey I started in September 2012 with the VMware vSphere 5 ICM course and the subsequent VCP/VCAP exams for VCDX-DCV. Part of that expedition was to provide a roadmap to VCDX, which resulted in the VCDX Deep-Dive series. We all have opinions on what works and

NPX – The Journey to Number 8

VCDX and NPX sound great (how can so few letters be so difficult to achieve?), but it is very, very hard work with many hours of effort and stress, including juggling a day-job that bleeds into your personal life.  I have to profoundly thank my wife and children for putting

VCDX – My Journey

I deliberately did not write my “VCDX journey” story last year, since there are a plethora of blogs with the same message (read the blueprint, it is about the journey, everything is under NDA, etc.).  Instead I started the VCDX Deep-Dive Series to shed an “NDA-compliant” light onto the process

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