VCDX – VMware Premier Partner Level Requirement?

There have been observations within the VCDX community, that unless the VCDX count breaks 1,000 within 10 years, it will fade into obscurity. These anecdotal figures were derived from the CCIE program which Cisco built as the first elite certification program within the networking industry. We are approaching a decade of VCDX and the current count is 265, obviously very well short of 1,000. And of those 265 VCDXs, 38 are double VCDX and 5 are triple VCDX at this time. To date, no-one has achieved quadruple VCDX. It is also interesting to note, that only 8 companies world-wide have 4 or more VCDX on-staff (with VMware, Nutanix and Dell Technologies being the top three respectively).

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