vSphere Feature Request – Skyline Health for 3rd Party Arrays

As an Enterprise Architect working for a VMware Partner, I am involved in many vSphere Health Checks. One of the most common problems we report are incorrectly configured ESXi Advanced settings. In particular, the optimized configuration for legacy 3-Tier All-Flash storage. And the customer wonders why there are performance issues on their brand new All-Flash hardware platform?

It would be great if vSphere would allow Operators and Administrators to get this data from Skyline Health. VMware has already provided this for vSAN (ESXi Cluster object, Monitor, vSAN, Skyline Health) and general vSphere settings (vCenter Server object, Monitor, Skyline Health). Obviously the storage vendor would be responsible for providing those optimized settings, but it could be a part of the VMware Compatibility Guide certification process and added to Skyline Health?

Settings such as:

  • Storage Multipathing Policy
  • Host HBA Queue Depths
  • LUN Queue Depths

If you want to know more, go to your favorite storage vendor website and download their best practices guide for VMware vSphere: