VCDX – Study Group Etiquette

It is commonly known that the best way to increase your chances of achieving the VCDX title is to join a Study Group, have your design reviewed by VCDX-level peers, participate in VCDX-level Mock Defences and be mentored by already qualified VCDXs.

With that being said, the Study Group is a symbiotic relationship where each participant is expected to contribute to the group and give as much as he or she receives.  There are no free rides.

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VCDX – Think like a Panelist

The Panelists are trained to ask questions without giving the answer away.  When you first hear the question, they will appear “vague” and “soft”.  So you need to train yourself to look beyond the generic question and extrapolate the answer from the possibilities contained within.  This includes clarifying the question with the Panel and demonstrating your knowledge.  Always be mindful of point scoring opportunities.  If you do not know the answer, try working through the question out loud and arrive at your answer dynamically.  This proves that you can think on your feet. Continue reading VCDX – Think like a Panelist