vBrownbag #VCDX series – The VCDX Submission

Last night we had the second vBrownbag VCDX session “What is required in a #VCDX Submission” with Gregg Robertson and myselfThe first session of the series is here.

During March 2015, the VCDX series will be completed with a two part “Art of Infrastructure Design” session with John Arrasjid and Mark Gabryjelski.  Follow @vBrownbagEMEA and @vBrownbag to be updated on the latest vBrownbag sessions.

VCDX – The Submission

You have picked the date for your Defence, where the Design submission is 60 days before.  As the date approaches, you start counting days and estimating hours of effort to complete your submission.  You start pulling all nighters to get things done; there do not seem to be enough hours in each day.  On a regular basis, you will be tempted to give up; it is too much effort, but you have come so far, so you push through and make it happen. Continue reading VCDX – The Submission