Nutanix Test Drive Revamped

The Nutanix Test Drive environment has been revamped with a new look and feel. Gone is the Community Edition running on Ravello, it now uses the latest version of AOS and runs on GCP. There is also a helpful interactive storyboard that takes you through the Prism UI, which is great if this is your first time with Nutanix.

To access Test Drive:

  • Visit the Nutanix Test Drive page
  • Enter your details and press “Launch Test Drive”
  • Take note of the admin credentials and press “Start Test Drive”
  • Accept any SSL warnings and the Prism UI will appear
  • Follow the Interactive Demo prompts to learn the Prism UI
  • This instance is available to you for 2 hours
  • Test Drive only covers Prism Element, the advanced features of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud are not included