VCDX – Logical & Physical Design Blueprints

One of the requirements for the VCDX submission is a set of Logical and Physical Design Blueprints.  As the name suggests, the Blueprint collates all of the pertinent information from each technology silo of the Architecture Design into one document.  I have heard of candidates not using a separate set of broadsheets and still being accepted, however my advice is take the time and effort to prepare the A3 diagrams.

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When I first attempted the VCDX, I searched high and low for sample Blueprints that I could get ideas from with no real success.  There are some limited examples in the vSphere Design Workshop student manual and the VCDX Boot Camp book.

My preference is a set of A3 broadsheets, which depending upon the size and complexity of the design will have the following pages:

  • Logical Design Overview
  • Physical Design Overview
  • Compute Design – Logical & Physical components
  • Network Design – Logical & Physical components
  • Storage Design – Logical & Physical components
  • Backup & Recovery Design – Logical & Physical components
  • Disaster Recovery Design – Logical & Physical components

For example: VCDX_Blueprints.  This example provides the first two pages of what is a nine page Blueprint.  I firmly believe that a true architect uses their own brand of block diagrams and logos, with one exception, you can use vendor stencils for the physical blueprint.

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