IT Transformation – Part 3 – The Baseline

This is part 3 of the Information Technology Transformation series, describing the creation of the current “As Is” Baseline.  This involves talking to people, creating a library of technical Blueprints and sharing information via summarised Baseline Posters.

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IT Transformation – Part 1 – The 90-Day Plan

You have been hired as the new “Chief Architect and Strategist” or “Chief Information Officer” for an organisation that is struggling to deliver services to their customers.  Customers are not satisfied, the company is losing money, staff are demoralised and looking for new jobs; things do not work – how are you going to transform the IT Division?  How do you make sure that your plans and actions will actually fix the problems your customers are complaining about?

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VCDX – Logical & Physical Design Blueprints

One of the requirements for the VCDX submission is a set of Logical and Physical Design Blueprints.  As the name suggests, the Blueprint collates all of the pertinent information from each technology silo of the Architecture Design into one document.  I have heard of candidates not using a separate set of broadsheets and still being accepted, however my advice is take the time and effort to prepare the A3 diagrams.

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