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VCDX Deep-Dive Series

This post aggregates all of my “VCDX Deep-Dive” content since April 2014, which amounts to more than 90 articles.

Public Cloud Strategy

Scenario: You work for a Service Provider that wants to start offering Public Cloud services.  However, your company has no Public Cloud expertise.  What is the best way to provide these services with the minimum risk?

IT Transformation – Part 5 – The Five Year Strategy

This is part 5 of the Information Technology Transformation series, creating the “Five Year Strategy”.  This involves creating the “Tracks” of the “Strategy” and defining the “Projects” that make up each “Track”.  Once the “Strategy” is finalised (with priority, timeline and budget), it needs to be approved by Senior Management

IT Transformation – Part 1 – The 90-Day Plan

You have been hired as the new “Chief Architect and Strategist” or “Chief Information Officer” for an organisation that is struggling to deliver services to their customers.  Customers are not satisfied, the company is losing money, staff are demoralised and looking for new jobs; things do not work – how

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