VCDX – Ask, Listen, React

I was on a group VCDX conference call with Chris Colotti, Matt Vandenbeld, Alexander Thoma, Karl Childs and a few other VCDX’s, where the discussion focused on the upcoming PEX VCDX Workshop (formerly known as the bootcamps).  One of the key messages from Chris, Matt and Alex that is going to be delivered to VCDX candidates: “During the Design and Troubleshooting scenarios, be careful about what questions you ask and make sure you listen to the Panelist’s answer and react to it.” – Matt Vandenbeld

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A trend has evolved where candidates are simply asking a lot of questions, shotgun style, and then moving on without reacting to the responses.  If you ask general questions, you will get general answers.  You are there to demonstrate your expertise, not ask as many possible questions in the given time.  So make sure you know your stuff, be prepared and demonstrate your skills.

If you are attending PEX and you are thinking about going for your VCDX, then I highly suggest going to the workshop on Sunday.

As part of my VCDX Prep series, I published some general strategies to help you prepare for the Design and Troubleshooting scenarios.

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