VCDX – Ask, Listen, React

I was on a group VCDX conference call with Chris Colotti, Matt Vandenbeld, Alexander Thoma, Karl Childs and a few other VCDX’s, where the discussion focused on the upcoming PEX VCDX Workshop (formerly known as the bootcamps).  One of the key messages from Chris, Matt and Alex that is going to be delivered to VCDX candidates: “During the Design and Troubleshooting scenarios, be careful about what questions you ask and make sure you listen to the Panelist’s answer and react to it.” – Matt Vandenbeld

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VCDX – Mock Design Scenarios

This post provides two example VCDX mock design scenarios that you can use in your VCDX preparation.  The PDFs merely provide a scenario that you and your mock panel can leverage and build upon.  When the candidate asks questions, the mock panel will have to fabricate responses on the fly.  I always have a lot of fun with this, enjoy!

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VCDX – Design Scenario Strategy

D-day has arrived, you have just completed the 75 minute session presenting and defending your design.  You have left the room for the 10 minute break and now you have returned for the 45 minute “Design Scenario”.  How should you tackle this task?  What should be your strategy? Continue reading VCDX – Design Scenario Strategy