VCDX – Mock Design Scenarios

This post provides two example VCDX mock design scenarios that you can use in your VCDX preparation.  The PDFs merely provide a scenario that you and your mock panel can leverage and build upon.  When the candidate asks questions, the mock panel will have to fabricate responses on the fly.  I always have a lot of fun with this, enjoy!

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Here they are in PDF format:

There are additional scenarios with a post-event break-down in John Arrasjid’s VCDX Boot Camp publication.

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3 thoughts on “VCDX – Mock Design Scenarios”

    1. I would love the possible solutions to these two design scenarios. Some interesting design process, some constrains in the first design, and second design is a bit of blank canvas…possibly lots of assumptions here. Please post follow up design solutions.

      1. Hello vFK, The slides are deliberately vague to allow the Mock Panelist and the Candidate to improvise and innovate on the fly, this way you develop your customer design skills and you can use the same slides repeatedly. My Design Strategy post gives you the methodology to get started. The “VCDX Boot Camp” book has some scenarios with a post-mock break-down, which may be what you are looking for.

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