VCDX – Design Scenario Strategy

D-day has arrived, you have just completed the 75 minute session presenting and defending your design.  You have left the room for the 10 minute break and now you have returned for the 45 minute “Design Scenario”.  How should you tackle this task?  What should be your strategy? Continue reading VCDX – Design Scenario Strategy

Host Design – Scale Up or Scale Out?

When you first start learning about virtualisation as an architect, the first design question you will learn is: “Scale Up or Scale Out?”  The basis of the question is quite simple: “Do I buy a small number of hosts with a large amount of resources, or do I buy a large number of hosts with a small amount of resources?”  Simply put: “Can I afford to put all of my eggs in one basket?”  The answer to that question varies, depending on the business requirements and constraints of your customer. Continue reading Host Design – Scale Up or Scale Out?