Time Management for the Easily Distracted

My brain is a bit like a mosquito on coke – all over the place.  I have things that I need to do but with so much going on, I buzz from topic to topic on a whim.  This is great when you are free-styling a new idea and brainstorming how to improve said concept and make it happen.  Not so good when you have a bunch of stuff that needs to delivered sequentially and on schedule.

So how do I manage my time and focus my attention on the task at hand?  With “THE LIST.”  I carry around a notebook and pen (old school – but I like the feel of pen and paper, the iPad does not do it for me) and maintain a list of tasks and reminders that I need to complete each week.  Once a task is completed, I put a cross through it and move onto the next item.

All appointments and meetings are Calendar entries in Exchange and my iPhone reminds me 15 minutes before they happen.  For every meeting I have to attend and contribute to, I create a list of talking points so that I do not forget.  REMEMBER: If you do not record it, it did not happen.  Ever had a great idea at 2am in the morning and you cannot remember it after you wake up?  Gone forever.

When I am under the pump and so much is going on that I feel overwhelmed and have trouble focusing on “THE LIST”, I stick my headphones in and listen to classical music, it calms my brain and gets me back on track.

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