NPX Link-O-Rama

npx_logo The NPX Study Guide Link-O-Rama Resource Page

This is the NPX Study Guide Link-O-Rama for the NPX Certification Program. This collection of links has an “NPX Study Guide focus” regarding education, design, configuration, performance & optimization and troubleshooting.

New to NPX?

Meet the NPXs

New to the Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform?

NPX Deep-Dive Series by Rene van den Bedem

Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform Design

Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform Troubleshooting

Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform Performance and Optimisation

Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform Automation

Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV)

Microsoft Hyper-V

Nutanix Community Edition

Official Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform Resources

Official Dell XC Web-Scale Converged Appliance Resources (Nutanix OEM)

Official Lenovo Converged HX Series (Nutanix OEM)

Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform Education & Certification Resources

Miscellaneous Personal Blogs


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  1. […] If you are following the NPX certification, my NPX Link-O-Rama is available. […]

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