VCDX – How to Start Your Design

When you start your first architecture design project, it will likely be very organic and unstructured and will focus on physical technology, where you will “add tech, for the sake of coolness”.  In the back of your mind, you will have some requirements, but you will not use them to measure success (ie. were my business requirements met and is my design the simplest it can be?).  Your supporting documentation will probably be non-existent and you will be lucky to have an implementation plan.  This certainly was true for me when I began my VCDX journey.

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So how do you make the leap to “VCDX-level” Architecture Design?  Through hard work and a lot of pain and suffering!  However, there are some things you can do to make the transformation easier:

One thing is for sure, once you swallow the red pill, you cannot “un-see” the Matrix.  Once you “become VCDX”, every design that crosses your desk will be held to a higher standard and, unfortunately, it will mean that most will be returned to the originator for improvement.

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