#vBrownbag #VCDX series – Art of Infrastructure Design

Last night we had the third vBrownbag VCDX session – titled “The Art of Infrastructure Design” with John Arrasjid and Mark Gabryjelski, Gregg Robertson and myself.  The session focused upon the upcoming book, “The Art of Infrastructure Design”, authored by John, Mark and Chris McCain.

The first session and second session of the VCDX series is here.

Next week, the vBrownbag VCDX series will be completed with the fourth and final session where John Arrasjid and Mark Gabryjelski will continue the delivery of additional infrastructure architecture design truths from a recent presentation John delivered at the Singapore vForum.  Follow @vBrownbagEMEA and @vBrownbag to be updated on the latest vBrownbag sessions.

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