#vBrownbag #VCDX series – Art of Infrastructure Design

Last night we had the third vBrownbag VCDX session – titled “The Art of Infrastructure Design” with John Arrasjid and Mark Gabryjelski, Gregg Robertson and myself.  The session focused upon the upcoming book, “The Art of Infrastructure Design”, authored by John, Mark and Chris McCain.

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VMworld 2014 – VCDX Program Announcements

With John Arrasjid’s permission, I talked about this during the “VCDX Prep” vBrownbag EMEA Podcast in May 2014.  Following on from that podcast, be expecting more information on the following during VMworld 2014:

  1. VCAP/VCDX Boot Camps – 8 hours, will include NV track (NSX), launch by VMworld 2014 (Free)
  2. New book -> “Art of Infrastructure Design, A Practical Guide for IT Architects” – Q4 2014 (By John Arrasjid & co.)
  3. VCDX Mentor Program – 3 month program, 4 hours per month (Free – 32 VCDX Volunteers)
  4. Update to Design Workshops – 3-4 Hours, now using VCDX design methodology (Conferences & Events – Cloud, vSphere, SRM etc.)
  5. Infrastructure Design Workshop – 1-2 Days, offered at VMworld 2014 (Fee based) – Professional Level Class
  6. Infrastructure Design Course – 4-5 days, similar to AcademyX, but without the design requirement (Fee based) – Advanced Level Class
  7. AcademyX – 4-5 days, for candidates with a design, launch by VMworld 2014 (Fee based) – Masters-Level Class

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