#VMworld 2015 – Maximise your Experience

This will be my third VMworld and I want to pass on some tips that maximised my experience in previous years:

  • The VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast announces a lot of VMworld news and activities during July and August – listen if you have the time.
  • DevOps is now becoming an unofficial track – filter these sessions with the keyword “DevOps”.
  • On the day of the Keynote, the Official VMworld Bloggers will release their posts about new VMware announcements – keep an eye out at VMworld 2015 Official Bloggers.
  • Keep up with what is happening via #VMworld on Twitter.
  • The sessions related to announcements under NDA are in “stealth mode” until the day of the Keynote – keep an eye on the Schedule Builder to attend these sessions once they become visible.
  • Fully booked sessions – you can attend them by waiting in line outside the hall 15 minutes before the start time, a lot of people will no-show.
  • Keep hydrated with H20, carry a water bottle.
  • Maintain your energy levels by eating good, healthy food, regularly.
  • Limit your alcohol intake.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that have been “broken in”.
  • Dress in neat casual or professional clothing – just make sure it is comfortable.
  • Travel light – if you do not need your laptop, leave it at the hotel.
  • Plan ahead and organise your schedule so that you are getting at least a few hours of sleep a night.
  • It is physically impossible to attend every event, so attend what is important to you.

  • Attend one or two sessions a day, the rest you can listen to after the event, since most sessions are recorded.
  • Check the “Gatherings” link below for VMware, Partner and vCommunity events and parties that occur during VMworld.
  • If you are traveling with your significant other, make sure they have something to do whilst you are busy – checkout the “Spousetivities” schedule under “Gatherings” below.
  • Plan to visit “Solutions Exchange”, every company that integrates with VMware products will be represented.
  • Be tactical on how much “swag” you take home, go for quality, not quantity; airlines do have weight limits, try to avoid paying excess baggage.
  • Carry business cards, these are used for prize draws in Solutions Exchange.
  • Plan to rest, relax and “network” in the “Hang Space”.  vBrownbag will have “TechTalks” in that area.
  • The “Keynote” can be physically uncomfortable, being sandwiched between people on cheap seating; you can watch it from the “Hang Space”.
  • For San Francisco – wear layers.
  • You are going to be overwhelmed with information, try to focus on interacting with people, you can consume new information after the event.
  • “Hands On Labs” is now 24×365 – do one or two new labs at VMworld and leave the rest for after the event.
  • Need to recertify? – 50% off VMware exams @ VMworld
  • Pace yourself, if you burn yourself out early in the week, then you risk falling ill and missing out on days three, four and five.
  • If you are a VMware TAM customer or Partner, plan to arrive one day before so that you can attend the “TAM” and “Partner” days.

The clock is ticking, register for VMworld US 2015, plan your travel and reserve your sessions:

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