#VMworld Announcement – vRA 7.0

VMware vRealize Automation 7.0 has been announced.  This release is about simplifying the deployment process and improving the user experience.  This release is the prelude to some major functionality additions next year.

In a nutshell (more detail below):

  • Revamped Deployment Architecture
  • Simplified Installation Process with a single OVA
  • Deployment Options – Minimal and Enterprise
  • Deployment Wizard locates IaaS installation candidates with assignment of Server Roles
  • Entitlements enhancement
  • Federated Identity with VMware Identity Management
    • Enhanced Authentication Service
    • Tenant and Directory Management
    • Support for Local Users
    • Per-Tenant Branding
  • Converged Blueprint Designer (CBP)
    • NSX integration for Blueprint Authoring and Deployment
    • Simplified Application Centric Network and Security
  • LifeCycle Extensibility with Centralised Policy Management and Event Broker Service
  • vRealize Orchestrator
    • New Control Center
    • New Plugin Management UI
    • Run-time Metrics and Monitoring


vra7_0 vra7_1 vra7_2 vra7_3 vra7_4 vra7_5 vra7_6 vra7_7 vra7_8 vra7_9 vra7_10 vra7_11 vra7_12 vra7_13 vra7_14 vra7_15 vra7_16 vra7_17 vra7_18 vra7_19 vra7_20

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