#VMworld Announcement – vRB 7.0

VMware vRealize Business 7.0 has been announced.

In a nutshell (more detail below):

  • Updated Menu Structure (to match vRA look and feel)
  • Cloud Business Management as a Service (with vRealize Air Business)
  • Unified Analysis of Private and Public Clouds
  • Cloud Cost (renamed to Expenses in 7.0)
  • Cost Drivers Enhancement
  • Editing Expenses (with new tabular layout in 7.0)
  • Multi-source Business Unit Hierarchy (vCenter Server, vRA, vCD, vCA, AWS, etc.)
  • Pricing Policies to drive Line of Business Showback for Private/Public Clouds
  • IaaS Pricing with vRA/vRB integration
  • Consumption Analysis for Infrastructure and Operations Managers
  • Cloud Showback for Line of Business Managers
  • Reclamation Opportunities for Line of Business Managers
  • Private Cloud Data Center Planning
  • vCloud Air/AWS Enhanced Integration
  • Cloud Cost Comparison
  • Reporting Enhancements
  • Cloud Showback iPad application


vrb7_1 vrb7_2 vrb7_3 vrb7_4 vrb7_5 vrb7_6 vrb7_7 vrb7_8 vrb7_9 vrb7_10 vrb7_11 vrb7_12 vrb7_13 vrb7_14 vrb7_15 vrb7_16 vrb7_17 vrb7_18 vrb7_19

The clock is ticking, register for VMworld EU 2015, plan your travel and reserve your sessions:

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