VMware VCAP6-CMA Design Beta Exam Recap

Today I took the VCAP6-CMA Design Beta exam (3V0-632).  I have to wait until the Beta period is complete before I get the result.

Impressions of the exam:

  • Total of 39 Questions with a 4 hour time limit.
  • 12 Visio Tool Questions.
  • 27 Drag’n’Drop Questions.  Visit the Drag’n’Drop Simulator for those that have never used it.
  • There were no Multiple Choice Questions, which was great.  When I took the VCAP-CID exam in 2014, I felt that the amount of text in the Multiple Choice Questions impeded the ability for the candidate to demonstrate their design skills.  Multiple choice is really only relevant to the VCP and VCA exams, in my opinion.
  • You can “Flag and Review” questions for later.  This is very handy for maintaining your momentum.
  • Consider completing all of the Visio Tool questions first and then tackle the Drag’n’Drop questions later.  Or vice-versa.
  • The Visio Tool worked very smoothly.  I did not have to “Start Over” on any of the questions.
  • When you start a Visio Tool question, go through the “Create” menu and place every available object on the canvas before you read the question.  It provides context on what is required as you read the requirements of that question.  You can always select “Start Over” if you make a mess.  Visit the Visio Tool Simulator for those that have never used it.
  • The last part of the requirements section for each Visio Tool question clearly defines the connectivity required between objects.  Make sure you read this before you start associating and connecting objects.

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