vSphere 6.0 RC – Still Under NDA?

vSphere 6.0 RC was announced a few hours ago.  As a beta tester of vSphere 6.0 am I still under NDA? Rhetorical question, answer: Yes.

UPDATE: A few minutes after I posted this, VMware removed the post, but you can see it here.  There is also an article at The Register.  By the way, “RC” stands for “Release Candidate”.

vSphere6.0 RC

During VMworld there were a lot of public references to the features of vSphere 6.0 in the keynote & breakout sessions.  Fast forward to the “RC” release today and VMware are providing additional feature information as part of the announcement.

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VMworld 2014 – VCDX Academy, Game On!

UPDATE: Official name is “VCDX Fast Track”.  Today John Arrasjid officially announced the “VCDX Academy” (aka “AcademyX”) in a series of tweets:

  • First VCDX Academy “Beta” will be held in Palo Alto on the 15th of September 2014.
  • First VCDX Academy “Beta” will host 40 students.
  • Course will be available from MyLearn next week.
  • It is a paid 5 day class, led by VCDXs and specialists for each track (DCV, Cloud, Desktop & NV).
  • Includes Discovery Phase Questions, Design Decision Workbook, Design Review Readiness Assessment, Mock Defences and Design/Troubleshooting scenarios.
  • Built upon material used within the VCDX Mentoring Program, Boot Camps, PEX Sessions and his new book.
  • Depending upon success, VMware Education expects to offer this course quarterly in multiple regions.
  • Prerequisite for students: MUST have a design.

So if you are a VCDX Candidate who wants to maximise their chances of success, sign up!  I also recently blogged about other VCDX Program announcements.

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