NSX-v 6.3 and NSX-T 1.1 Announcements

VMware NSX for vSphere 6.3 and NSX Transformers 1.1 have been announced. Feature parity between NSX-v and NSX-T is still a long way off.

NSX-v 6.3 in a nutshell (more detail below):

  • NSX Pre-assessment Tool – based upon vRNI
  • Micro-segmentation planning and application visibility
  • Operations – use reconfigurable timers, Tag scale & Endpoint monitoring
  • Security Certifications – ICSA, FIPS (in progress), Common Criteria (in progress), STIG
  • Coalfire – Micro-segmentation benchmark and PCI validation
  • Linux Guest VM introspection
  • Increase performance for service chaining
  • VDI – scaling more than 50K desktops, IDFW-AD integration at scale
  • Routing enhancements
  • Centralized dashboard for services and ops
  • Reduce upgrade windows with reboot-free upgrades
  • vRA7.2 integration enhancements for NSX LB and NAT
  • vCD 8.20 integration enhancement for advanced NSX consumption (Routing, DFW, VPN)
  • vIC support
  • Automation frameworks – PowerNSX, PyNSXv, vRO plugin 1.1
  • Multi-DC deployments with Cross vCenter Server NSX enhancements for security tags
  • Operational enhancements for improved availability
  • L2VPN enhancements for cross DC/Cloud connectivity
  • NSX Remote/Branch Office Edition

NSX-T 1.1 in a nutshell (more detail below):

  • Multi-hypervisor support – KVM and ESXi
  • Single and Multi-tenant support
  • Available 2 February, 2017


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