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vCSA 6.7 U2a with NSX-v 6.4.5 – Network and Security Navigator is replaced by {{node.title}}

This post is applicable to customers using VMware vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) 6.7 Update 2a with NSX-v 6.4.5. Problem: vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 Update 2a deployed and in use with NSX-v 6.4.5. Login to vSphere Client: https:// <IP Address or hostname of vCenter Server> In the vSphere Client UI, the

VMware NSX-v 6.4 Released

VMware has released version 6.4.0 of NSX for vSphere. The information below is straight from the release notes. A lot of new goodness has been added around DFW services and I was pleased to note that the NSX UI plugin for the HTML5 vSphere Client is included. Another interesting feature

VMware NSX-T 2.1 Released

VMware is releasing version 2.1 of NSX-T, which is being launched at Pivotal SpringOne. VMware continues delivering on the announcements made at VMworld 2017 regarding PKS.

NSX-v 6.3 and NSX-T 1.1 Announcements

VMware NSX for vSphere 6.3 and NSX Transformers 1.1 have been announced. Feature parity between NSX-v and NSX-T is still a long way off. NSX-v 6.3 in a nutshell (more detail below):

NSX-v 6.x with vSphere 5.5 U2 DLR deploy failure

This post is applicable to those building a simplified, version specific VCIX-NV lab on VMware Workstation with nested ESXi.

NSX-v – Design Deep Dive

This is the VMware NSX for vSphere Design Deep Dive.  I have aggregated all of the design considerations I could find that need to be assessed in a VMware NSX-v architecture design.  Brevity and bullet-points are used to keep the information concise and readable.  If you want more information on

VCIX-NV Exam Recap

Today I took the VCIX-NV exam (VCXN610) and failed with a score of 277/500 (pass mark is 300).  Really enjoyed the exam, NSX-v is such a cool piece of technology, it is fun to build stuff with the “swiss-army knife” of data center networking.  I will retake the exam in

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