NSX-v – Design Deep Dive

This is the VMware NSX for vSphere Design Deep Dive.  I have aggregated all of the design considerations I could find that need to be assessed in a VMware NSX-v architecture design.  Brevity and bullet-points are used to keep the information concise and readable.  If you want more information on a concept use the Additional Resources section at the end.

This post will be updated with additional information as part of the NSX Link-O-Rama.  If you have content to contribute, post a comment below.

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VCDX-NV Explained

vcdx-nv The VCDX-NV “Blueprint” and “Handbook and Application” are now available at the VMware Certification site.  I have blogged about VCDX-NV before and I tweeted the other day about VCDX-NV which generated quite a bit of conversation.  This post summarises the points raised in that chat.

Ignore version 1.1 of “Handbook and Application”, it was a cut and paste of the DCV blueprint, they need to update the “Index to Highlights” to match the “Blueprint”.  From the Blueprint you can see that the technology silos are:

  • NSX Infrastructure Components
  • Virtual Networking
  • Physical Networking
  • NSX Security
  • NSX – Cloud Management Platform Integration

It makes sense that there is no requirement for Compute, Storage or Virtual Machines in your VCDX-NV design.  So you can use any hypervisor that supports NSX, the only requirement is that you include NSX in your design.

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VMware Education – VCDX-NV, but no VCAPs

VCDX-NV In a previous post I have talked about the expected VCDX program announcements at VMworld 2014.  There is now a very strong rumour that the first VCDX-NV candidates will be defending their designs next week.  The first batch of newly minted VCDX-NVs will likely be celebrated at the VMworld US – VCDX/vExpert party.  This was intimated by the “VCDX-NV” option present in the VCDX/vExpert party registration.

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