VCDX – Pricing Increase

As of April 1, 2017, the cost of the VCDX certification will increase from US$1,200 to US$3,995. Unfortunately for most candidates, this means the VCDX journey will now be an employer sponsored process.

Update: The VMware Education blog post on this subject states that you can purchase a voucher now to be used later and VCDX candidates defending May/June will be charged the current fees. It also mentions prices for “Developing” countries, which is the first I have heard of it, so definitely ask about it.

If you are into HCI, then the zero-fee Nutanix Platform Expert program is also an option.

List of articles in my VCDX Deep-Dive series (more than 80 posts)

The new pricing for the entire VMware certification program will be:

  • VCA and vSphere Foundations: US$125
  • VCP: US$250
  • VCAP: US$450
  • VCDX: US$995 application fee and US$3,000 for the defence
  • Multi-VCDX: US$900 per track

4 Replies to “VCDX – Pricing Increase”

  1. Ohhhhh great! VMware following the Cisco bandwagon 😦

  2. russ oconnor says:

    Didn’t realise that the increase was so much, thats nuts, vdcx should be sponsored by marketing. I can’t see there ever being more than a a couple of hundred vcdxs ever

  3. […] be small comfort for many in the VMware certified community. A triple VCDX, René van den Bedem, blogged that the increase from the current $1,200 to nearly $4,000 means that “Unfortunately for most […]

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