VMware Skyline

VMware Skyline was announced at VMworld US 2017, however it did not get much press. I was listening to the VMware Communities Roundtable podcast from this week, where Skyline was the subject. I was impressed with the vision of Skyline to be a pro-active and predictive support platform for VMware customers.

What caught my attention, was the intention to leverage analytics and a VVD rules engine to notify customers if they are straying from the flock from a configuration and design perspective. Skyline is deployed as a virtual appliance (Skyline Collector) which securely feeds information and logs back to the VMware mothership.

This is intially being offered for Premier support customers in the Americas, but will be rolled out to Production support customers and the rest of the globe sometime next year.

Obviously, customers will have to be comfortable with VMware having a continuous stream of information from their VMware infrastructure for this to work.

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