Turbonomic 6.0 is live!

Turbonomic has announced the release of version 6.0 of their Automation Platform. The most exciting part for me, is the new HTML5 UI is now fully functional and you no longer need to use the Flash-based UI (the “Classic UI” will still be present in the near future for the purpose of user transitioning). There are also some very impressive features for Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud use-cases, particularly around cost-control of OpEx spending.

What’s New with Turbonomic 6.0:

  • Platform change: openSUSE is being deprecated in 6.0. CentOS is the new appliance platform. This means all customers running with openSUSE will need to plan and execute the platform migration to the CentOS platform (OVA file).
  • Default Interface HTML5 UI: You do not need to use the Flash-based UI anymore.
  • API Driven: All UI elements pull from the RESTful API.
  • Increased Level of Detail: For public cloud and On-site infrastructure.
  • Flexible Canvas: New drag and drop canvas for custom dashboards.
  • Cloud Storage Control: Allows you choose the correct tier of cloud storage for your workload.
  • Relational Database Control: Supports AWS and Azure RDB services.
  • Suspend or Terminate Unused Instances: Stops VM sprawl, also integrates with auto-scaling applications.
  • Total Instance Cost Analytics: Sum of Compute cost, Licensing Cost (OS), IP Address Cost and Storage Cost.
  • Pre-Paid Capacity (RI) Migration Planning: Assists you in planning which On-Site workloads qualify for Reserved Instances in the Public Cloud.
  • Spot Instance Visibility: Control the world of Spot Instance bidding and cost calculations, removes the need for clunky, inefficient spreadsheets.
  • Storage Control Improvements: For On-Site Dell-EMC VPLEX and VMAX2 storage arrays.
  • Fabric Control Improvements: For Cisco UCS C-series and Cisco HyperFlex

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