1 Million Views

I noticed yesterday that I hit one million views at vcdx133.com after 3 years of blogging and 291 posts. Thank you to everyone that reads this blog, I hope this site continues to provide value to you.

My most popular all time posts are:

  1. vSphere 6.0 Basics – Part 4 – vCenter Server Install with Windows Server 2012 R2
  2. vSphere 6.0 Basics – Part 3 – vCenter Server Appliance Install
  3. vSphere 6.0 Basics – Part 1 – ESXi Install

My most popular deep-dive series are:

  1. VCDX Deep-Dive Series
  2. Nutanix XCP Deep-Dive Series
  3. Cisco UCS Configuration Guide for vSphere

Over the past 3 years I have had the honour of being ranked in the Top vBlog hosted by vSphere-Land.com:

  1. Voted #11 in the Top vBlog 2017
  2. Voted #19 in the Top vBlog 2016
  3. Voted #37 in the Top vBlog 2015

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