Nutanix .NEXT US Announcements

This week, Nutanix .NEXT US is being held in New Orleans. There are five announcements of note:

  • Nutanix Beam: Rebranding of the Botmetric acquisition by Nutanix. This adds Cost Optimization and Visibility, Centralized Financial Governance and Intelligent Consumption Planning to the Nutanix Cloud Management suite.
  • Nutanix Era: Suite of software that adds Database Lifecycle Management to the Nutanix Cloud Management suite. Version 1.0 will support Oracle and PostgreSQL databases.
  • Nutanix Flow: Includes incorporation of Netsil acquisition by Nutanix. Provides micro-segmentation, application traffic visualization and service chaining.
  • Nutanix Xtract: new version will support migration from AWS EC2 to Nutanix AHV.
  • Nutanix X-Ray: Automated test platform will be Open Sourced and the latest version supports testing of Microsoft Hyper-V and Storage Spaces.



3 Replies to “Nutanix .NEXT US Announcements”

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