Turbonomic 6.1 announced

Turbonomic has announced the release of version 6.1 of their Automation Platform.

What’s New with Turbonomic 6.1:

  • Continuously automating AWS Reserved Instance (RI) utilization in conjunction with resizing actions
  • Addition of newly-launched Azure Reserved Instance options in cloud migration planning
  • Application-aware infrastructure advancements through integration with APM platforms beginning with Cisco AppDynamics
  • Continuous optimization of container platforms and Platform-as-a-Service at-scale with support for Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Improvements within the Turbonomic AI-powered decision engine including greater speed in real-time operations and significantly faster run-time for environment modelling and planning
  • Significant development with Turbonomic RESTful API and documentation
  • Updated integrations and the addition of Cisco HyperFlex, Cisco APIC, and Cisco Tetration as out-of-the-box targets


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