Nutanix .NEXT EU 2018 Announcements

This week, Nutanix .NEXT EU 2018 is being held in London. There are six announcements of note:

  • Nutanix Xtract announcements:
    • Xtract 2.0 GA Targeted for FY Q2
      • Support for AWS as a source
      • Performance enhancements to reduce migration time
      • Installation & Upgrade improvements for 1-click experience
    • AWS to AHV Customer Preview
      • Migrate running EC2 instances to AHV
      • Mini instance of Xtract deployed on AWS to orchestrate migration
      • User VMs “instrumented” to determine change block tracks and AHV conversion
    • Hyper-V to AHV Alpha
      • Win 2012R2 and 2016 supported
      • Alpha in progress and GA targeted for 1H 2019
  • Nutanix Era announcements:
    • Era 1.0 is GA
    • Supports Oracle &
    • Supports PostgreSQL 9.6 & 10.3
  • Nutanix Karbon announced and in Tech Preview (on-prem Kubernetes)
  • Nutanix Files:
    • Version 3.2 November 2018 GA
      • Nested Shares
      • Larger Shares (140TB/share)
      • SMB signing performance
    • Version 3.5 December 2018 GA
      • NFS v3 Early Access
      • Multiprotocol Early Access
      • File Analytics 1.0
      • NFS self-service restore
      • NFS Change File Tracking (CFT)
  • Xi Leap DR service available in December 2018:
    • North America only
    • Offered as a cloud service with monthly, 1 year or 3 year subscriptions
    • Sold directly and through channel partners
  • Xi IOT service announced (no other details provided)

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