Apple Card Review

Last week I received my Apple Card and I have been using it for the past week. What I love about my Apple Card are the security features, reporting, ease of use and the rewards program.

What is Apple Card?

  • Apple’s vision of credit card services.
  • An Apple branded MasterCard (partnered with Goldman Sachs).
  • The Apple Pay version of the MasterCard is paired with your iPhone device.
  • The physical Titanium version of the Apple Card has your name printed on the front, but no CC data is visible (you access this from your Apple Wallet).
  • The Apple Cash rewards program is calculated daily (1% for all Apple Card transactions, 2% for all Apple Pay transactions & 3% for all Apple purchases).
  • All CC management is performed from Apple Wallet.

Why should I care about Apple Card?

  • If you are a fan of Apple products and you want to simplify your credit card use, then Apple Card is for you.
  • Provides a single place to manage your credit card services from your iPhone (Apple Wallet) – including spending analysis, transaction details, card payment, CC data, card lock/unlock, etc.
  • In the US, the culture for paying your bill in a restaurant has the server taking your CC away from your table to process the payment (outside of the US, the EFT terminal is brought to you) – by using your Titanium Apple Card, this removes the risk of your CC data being compromised.
  • Very simple rewards program with a daily calculation of Apple Cash.
  • Zero fees.

How do I use Apple Card?

  • Use the Titanium Apple Card or Apple Pay to purchase goods and services.
  • Get your Apple Cash rewards daily.
  • All credit card management functions are delivered via Apple Wallet on your iPhone.

How do I get Apple Card?

  • Prerequisite – Have an iPhone running iOS 12.4 with a valid Apple ID.
  • Open Apple Wallet and Apply for the Apple Card.
  • Confirm your name, address, SSN and provide a photo of your Government ID.
  • Press Apply and instantly receive your result. Depending upon your credit score, the amount of credit offered will vary.
  • Once you accept the terms and conditions, Apple Pay is ready for use.
  • Within 1-week, your Titanium Apple Card will be delivered to you.
  • Use Apple Wallet to activate the card (in proximity to the plastic folder your card was delivered in).


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