vSphere Feature Request – VM Hardware Wizard

As an Enterprise Architect working for a VMware Partner, I am involved in many vSphere Health Checks. One of the most common mistakes we report are incorrectly configured Virtual Machine Hardware settings.

In particular, business critical databases built with LSI Logic SAS with a single VMDK and an E1000 vNIC and NUMA boundaries exceeded. And the customer wonders why there are performance issues on their brand new hardware platform or VMConAWS SDDC?

It would be great if vSphere would allow Operators to follow a wizard for this type of build and not be an expert on the nerd-knobs of VM Hardware. Envision a “Business Critical App” option added to the “New Virtual Machine” Wizard. This removes the need for vSphere customers to have to read the best practices guides for Oracle Databases, MS-SQL Server, Cisco UC, SAP, EPIC, MediTech, etc. This would take care of the ParaVirtual vNIC, ParaVirtual vSCSI configuration, dedicated VMDKs for OS/APP/DB/LOG/TEMP, respecting NUMA boundaries, VM Latency setting, etc.

Imagine the tens of thousands of man-hours and open tickets saved by customers, partners and VMware if we had this feature?

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Chief Enterprise Architect and Strategist, 4xVCDX#133, NPX#8, DECM-EA.