Customer Perspective – Dell-EMC EHC

vcdx133 Whilst I was working for STC in Saudi Arabia, I spent considerable time building their Private Cloud strategy. One of the key decisions I promoted and evangelised was the adoption of Dell-EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC, formerly FEHC – Federated Enterprise Hybrid Cloud). This post covers the decision making process I followed, the problems solved and the benefits and mechanics of EHC.

This post is the synopsis of a recent talk I gave for the RoundTower – Dell-EMC EHC co-event that we held in Boston last month, where we (RoundTower Technologies) are on the cusp of achieving EHC Partner status.

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EMC XtremIO – Dedupe: Replace a VMAX?

XTremIO I am currently testing my EMC XtremIO PoC system with EMC.  One of the great benefits of XtremIO is the Deduplication feature, which at a minimum will be 10:1, so the experts tell me and will be even better in version 3.0.  My current Symmetrix VMAX configurations are 250TB and 350TB of tiered SSD, 15KFC and SATA storage for 2 sites.  So assuming a 10:1 dedupe ratio, could I replace my two Symmetrix VMAX solutions with two XtremIO systems of 2 X-bricks (with 20TB model)?  It almost seems too good to be true!  From a price perspective, the XtremIO cost would be slightly cheaper than the VMAX (after the highly combative process of vendor bashing, sorry – negotiation, in my region) and from a space perspective 1/3rd the size (with SAN Fabric).  No need to state the obvious about performance.

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EMC XtremIO – Performance Testing

XTremIO Today I completed the initial performance testing of my EMC XtremIO PoC system.  I wanted to take a shot at it myself before the EMC SMEs come in to tune and optimise the configuration.  In a single word, “Wow!”  This is the first time I have witnessed 400,000 IOPS in any kind of enterprise lab.  I look forward to seeing what additional tricks the experts can make my “X-bricks” perform. Continue reading

EMC Symmetrix VMAX – Provisioning a LUN

vcdx133 This post covers how to provision a LUN (less than 239GB) for vSphere on an EMC Symmetrix VMAX using the Unisphere for VMAX GUI.  The basic architecture of the VMAX is covered here.  If you want to build LUNs greater than 238GB, you follow the same procedure, but with the additional step of creating a “Meta Volume” (multiple TDEVs bound to a single logical volume). Continue reading

Enterprise NAS with vSphere 5.1, EMC VNX VG8 & Symmetrix VMAX 20K

vcdx133 This article builds upon my previous post, plus the existing white papers and blogs listed below, to provide a VCDX-style guide to the design decisions that need to be considered for Enterprise-level Network Attached Storage (NAS) with vSphere 5.1 and the EMC Symmetrix VMAX 20K with VNX VG8 NAS Gateways. Continue reading

Tech101 – EMC Symmetrix VMAX & PowerPath/VE

vcdx133 My VCDX design architecture was based upon the EMC Symmetrix VMAX 20K.  I spent a lot of time with EMC SMEs learning everything I could about it.  The first step was learning the major building blocks of the VMAX and how it all fits together.  The examples I provide below are with the vSphere ESXi host being the consumer of VMAX storage services. Continue reading