VCDX – I FAILED, now what?

You have recently defended and received the message: “I regret to inform you that your attempt to achieve VCDX certification was unsuccessful.”  What should you do next?  Do you immediately submit for the next defence, wait and recuperate or just abandon it altogether?

It all depends upon your personal circumstances and what you are trying to achieve.  What is motivating you?  Maybe you have moved into R&D or Senior Management and this skill-set is no longer applicable to your career path, ie. the “juice is not worth the squeeze.”

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NPX – Preparation Strategy for D-Day

The NPX blueprint is quite a challenge because it requires the mastery of two hypervisors, the Nutanix XCP eco-system (including Dell OEM appliances) and the silos of Enterprise Information Technology (Compute, Network, Storage, Backup/Recovery, Security, etc.).

Once you have submitted your NPX document set, you have 60 days to get ready for your defence, with the belief that you will receive your invitation to defend on day 30.

The questions you should be asking yourself are, “How do I prepare myself for the day of the defence?” and “How do I get through this massive amount of material?”

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VCDX – Submission Breakdown

Last week I submitted my NPX document bundle to the Nutanix Platform eXpert program.  I was reflecting on how my design skills have evolved over the last three years and wondered how that translated into actual metrics.  So I went through my last four major design submissions and came up with the following figures.

Update – I have added the VCDX-CMA statistics from my joint submission with Gregg Robertson, VCDX#205, and Andrea Siviero. And my VCDX-DTM statistics for my joint submission with Wayne Conrad, NPX#13.

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