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Nutanix XCP Deep-Dive – Part 13 – AHV Design Considerations

This is Part 13 of the Nutanix XCP Deep-Dive, covering AHV design considerations.

Nutanix XCP Deep-Dive – Part 12 – ESXi Design Considerations

This is Part 12 of the Nutanix XCP Deep-Dive, covering ESXi design considerations.

NPX – VMware vSphere versus Nutanix AHV

If you are familiar with VMware vSphere, you can use this feature comparison to understand what the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor and Acropolis Management Framework is capable of in Acropolis-base software version (AOS) 4.5.

NPX – Preparation Strategy for D-Day

The NPX blueprint is quite a challenge because it requires the mastery of two hypervisors, the Nutanix XCP eco-system (including Dell OEM appliances) and the silos of Enterprise Information Technology (Compute, Network, Storage, Backup/Recovery, Security, etc.). Once you have submitted your NPX document set, you have 60 days to get

Nutanix XCP Deep-Dive – Part 16 – The Risks

This is Part 16 of the Nutanix XCP Deep-Dive, covering the common risks and pitfalls associated with moving to the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure platform of any vendor.

Nutanix XCP Deep-Dive – Part 5 – Installing ESXi Manually with Phoenix

This is Part 5 of the Nutanix XCP Deep-Dive, covering the manual installation of ESXi and CVM with Phoenix.

Nutanix XCP Deep-Dive – Part 17 – CVM Autopathing with ESXi

This is Part 17 of the Nutanix XCP Deep-Dive, covering Nutanix Cluster Autopathing with ESXi.

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