vSphere Design Considerations

This is the VMware vSphere Design Deep-Dive.  I have aggregated all of the design considerations that I could find that need to be assessed in a VMware vSphere architecture design.  Brevity and bullet-points are used to keep the information concise and readable. If you are going down the VMware vSAN route, consider these design considerations as well in the physical design.

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First Turbonomic Reference Architecture White Paper

Turbonomic and RoundTower Technologies are collaborating on a series of “Powered by Turbonomic” Reference Architecture and Best Practice Guide white papers.

Eric Wright and myself worked together on producing the first in this series, the Turbonomic Automation Platform with VMware vSphere Reference Architecture. Click on the link to download. Any feedback or questions you may have are welcomed.

Private Cloud – SDDC 1.0

You may have read my recent Next-Generation Data Center post, that summarised the Conceptual Model and Logical Design of my ideal Private Cloud solution.  This post describes the current vendors that are the leaders of their respective markets and I believe they have a compelling integration story with the highest chance of success.  The back-bone of the strategy relies upon VMware, who in my opinion are the current leaders of SDDC for technology, professional services, training and support.

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EMC Symmetrix VMAX – Provisioning a LUN

This post covers how to provision a LUN (less than 239GB) for vSphere on an EMC Symmetrix VMAX using the Unisphere for VMAX GUI.  The basic architecture of the VMAX is covered here.  If you want to build LUNs greater than 238GB, you follow the same procedure, but with the additional step of creating a “Meta Volume” (multiple TDEVs bound to a single logical volume). Continue reading EMC Symmetrix VMAX – Provisioning a LUN

VMware Press – “Virtualising SQL Server with VMware – Doing It Right”

I have just finished reading “Virtualising SQL Server with VMware – Doing It Right” by Michael Corey, Jeff Szastak and Michael “WebScale” WebsterWhat a great read!  For anyone who has business critical applications that use SQL Server and they want to virtualise with vSphere, this book is for you.

On a personal note, Michael Webster assisted my company in 2013 with a business critical SQL Server 2012 implementation, so I can attest to the efficacy of the methodology and techniques described in this tome.

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Cisco UCS Configuration Guide for vSphere – Part 2 – Equipment

This is part 2 of the Cisco UCS Configuration Guide.  This post is broken into two components: the physical Cisco UCS installation and the initial configuration of the Cisco UCS.

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