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VMworld 2014 – Marvin, I want to meet you!

A few months ago there was a picture of the “Marvin” poster from the “VMware campus” tweeted by @Cocquyt.  In a recent post by Technodrone, @maishsk picked up on the VMworld VMCI session, aka “Marvin”: SDDC1767 – Achieve SDDC – Enterprise Grade Elastic IaaS Cloud with VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: A

Baby Dragon Triplets – VSAN Home Lab

Allow me to introduce Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion, my three host, “VSAN Baby Dragon” Home Lab.  Straight from “Game Of Thrones”, if you are wondering what the names mean.  I finally bit the bullet and invested in some new kit to move away from the limited Embedded ESXi lab I

Evolution of Storage – What is your strategy?

The Chinese saying, “May you live in interesting times” certainly applies here. Right now so many new storage technologies are emerging, that if you are an infrastructure decision maker, you would be having a hard time selecting the right technology. The trick is to formulate a strategy that leverages the

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