Turbonomic openSUSE to CentOS Appliance Migration

You may have heard the news, the Turbonomic appliance platform has changed from openSUSE to CentOS. If you want to upgrade your appliance to version 6.0, then you must migrate to the new CentOS platform. You can stay on your openSUSE appliance, but you will hit the version ceiling of 5.9.1.

This post covers the process of migrating from the Turbonomic openSUSE appliance (version 5.9.1) to the Turbonomic CentOS appliance (version 5.9.0, upgraded to version 5.9.1). I also cover the final step of upgrading to Turbonomic 6.0 to get your hands on all of the great new features. Assuming you have a working knowledge of Linux administration, this will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

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