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Following the format of the “Aspiring VCDX Study Guide Link-O-Rama” by Derek Seaman, I have created the same for VMware NSX.  If I have missed any other resources, reach out to me on Twitter and I will add them.  This page will continue to evolve over time and new content will be marked as “NEW!”.

NSX Link-O-Rama RSS List

Vendors supporting the NSX-API

NSX Design

NSX Troubleshooting

VMware – Office of the CTO

NSX Operations

Official VMware NSX Resources

VMware Network Virtualisation Blog (Highlights)

NSX Education & Certification Resources

NSX Videos & Podcasts

NSX Books

Federated News Technical Articles

NSX Series by Rene Van Den Bedem (@vcdx133)

Personal Blogs

NSX-v by Roie Ben Haim

NSX Compendium by Network Inferno

NSX Bytes by Anthony Spiteri

Working with NSX Series by Chris Wahl

Learning NVP/NSX Series by Scott Lowe

NSX Related posts by Brad Hedlund

Personal Blogs (Non-Technical)